Translating science into solutions for the betterment of society


Dr. Trujillo founded TruBios in 2009. This initiative marked his first venture into biotechnology as an effort to help translate life sciences into Latin America. Dr. Trujillo aimed to utilize all the experience he had in academics, research, with the government, and as a scientist into a system that would benefit people in science and bring solutions.

TruBios was a US-based fully integrated biotechnology services company focused on the offering of customized clinical trials, commercialization, and venture capital solutions in Latin America. The mission was to translate life sciences in Latin America by providing unique access to advanced technology, markets, people, and governments.

The company had a global client base that included academics, universities, scientists, entrepreneurs, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and healthcare facilities from around the world, which was possible only through the network Dr. Trujillo had created over the years. Through TruBios, Dr. Trujillo collaborated with the most influential government officials and corporate executives to modernize and ameliorate biomedical research infrastructure in Latin America.

Dr. Trujillo also founded “The Medical Sciences Foundation on Behalf of the Americas (MSF)”, a non-profit division of TruBios to build an intellectual and physical infrastructure for advanced medical training and healthcare in Latin America. The foundation helped several students from across Latin America with fellowship programs and scholarships at prestigious universities such as Harvard, John Hopkins, and the University of Maryland.

TruBios became the foundation of Dr. Trujillo’s entrepreneurial journey in the biotechnology field.